5 Tips to Land Your Dream Job

March 2, 2018 Charlotte Freed

Searching for and accepting a new job can be a little stressful, as well as time-consuming. You want to ensure you blow potential employers away when interviewing, but you’ll need to remember that the interview begins long before you meet in person. Here are some tips to make finding your dream job a little easier. 

Create a Great Resume:

Credentials are key to getting yourself in the door with any company. If you’re concerned your previous experience may not apply to jobs you are looking to land, think of how the experience benefits you currently. Every job has taught you something and your resume is where you should present these qualities. The purpose of a resume is to highlight your skill set and showcase your strengths, think of examples of customer service or organizational skills.

Be Aware of Your Qualifications:

If you are interested in a position that requires more experience or post-secondary education than you have don’t let that deter you, look for opportunities for apprenticeships which allow you to gain hands-on experience. Not only will you receive firsthand experience, you’ll also gain an understanding of the field, which in turn helps you decide if you’ve found the right career path for you. If you wanted to get started sooner look for entry level positions and work your way up.

Get Specific:

Apply for jobs that you have a particular skill set for, this will present you as a stronger candidate. If you have experience as a cook, don’t simply search “Hospitality Jobs.”

Audit Your Social Presence:

Make sure that if potential employers stumble on your social profile what they find reflects what you would like them to see. Your LinkedIn profile should have a professional profile and cover photo as well as qualifications from your previous jobs which relate to the job you hope to land. 77 percent of companies use social media to identify possible candidates and many search social media profiles to make sure the prospect is the type of employee they want to hire.

Prepare for the Interview:

This may be the most stressful portion of a job search, with good reason. Your resume got you an interview and now it’s time to impress your possible employer. Be honest about your experiences and how they relate to the job you’ve applied for. Be confident in your abilities and make sure you have questions prepared to ask the prospective employer as well, the interviewer is assessing your fit.

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