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Denise Storaasli
JS Blog post 090618

Now is the time. You have the freedom to pick up a part-time gig to fatten up your wallet and get out of the house. Or if you’re interested in enjoying the quiet of your own home, try your hand in freelancing opportunities! Use this time to learn new skills or test out a career that you’ve been putting off due to the busyness of summer.


In the past five years, the accessibility to gig and freelance jobs through your smartphone has grown at an unprecedented rate; a staggering 56 percent of gig workers agree that contingent work is how they want to progress their careers.

A great benefit about gig and part time work is that it fits into your life. Whether you want to fill a few hours while the kids are in school or supplement your existing income to get a jump on saving for the holidays, this is a great way to do it.

JobStack is primed with opportunities to find work that fits your lifestyle. What are some top jobs that are great for part-time? Cashiers, banquet servers, and cleaners to name a few! JobStack lets you search for jobs 24/7 and if you need extra support, our branch staff is always ready to help. With the power of JobStack, you now have the flexibility to schedule work when it’s most convenient for you.

Take control of your schedule – and career– today.


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