7 Tips to Help You Shine at Work

August 17, 2018 Anna Mischke
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There are many reasons people choose to work temporary jobs. Whether one contract position at a time or several short term jobs, workers enjoy the change of scenery, opportunity to try new things, and being able to make money the way they want to.

With so many individuals turning to gig work, there are ways you can stand out among them as a stellar performer, making the companies you work for want you back, time and time again.

  1. Choose work that matches up with your goals. Do you plan on trying to move into a permanent role somewhere? Look for jobs that let you work toward what you hope to do in the long run. A paycheck is short term, but the skills you gain can be used for life.
  2. Take pride in your work! Approach each task or project with the commitment you would for a full-time jobtemporary work and the gig economy are becoming the go-to for many! Doing your best with a positive attitude can take you far.
  3. Be timely. Showing up on time is key in showing your employers that you take the work seriously and they can count on you.
  4. Talk to the right people. Your recruiter or branch representative is the best person to get status updates from; your coworkers and supervisors on site may not know the ins and outs of your assignment.
  5. Continue to grow! Go the extra mile to learn new systems, applications, and programs. These skills can give you a foot up in future work and you’re building your own set of abilities while you’re at it. There are always opportunities to learn new things and practice your hand at new skills.
  6. Keep track of our accomplishments. Save emails or notes that praise your work or give positive feedback. If someone tells you that you’re doing an excellent job, ask if they would mind giving you a written recommendation or a high rating. This feedback can be used as a kind of portfolio of performance reviews to use in future endeavors.
  7. Ask for feedback. At the end of a shift or job, see if you can spend a few moments of time with your supervisor to ask them for constructive feedback. This shows that you’re interested in growing and continuing to improve, something employers will see as a leadership trait. Not only can you take this opportunity to get insights on how you did on that job, you open up an important chance for discussion and learning for both you and the supervisor.

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