What do a buffet and diversity have in common?

November 30, 2018 Anna Mischke

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Diversity has been a buzzword, particularly as of late – but what exactly does this mean? Diversity comes in many different forms: gender, race, religion, age, sexual orientation, socioeconomic background, culture, and more. Each of these aspects play a part in each individual’s life experience and viewpoints and while many people share similarities, it’s important that we celebrate the differences as well.

When observing your life, ask yourself: how diverse is my job? My school? My neighborhood? My group of friends? Diversity is essential for many reasons, here are five that we at PeopleReady notice:


The more perspectives you have on a situation brings about more ideas. People with different backgrounds and varied experiences allows for different viewpoints, solutions, ideas, and approaches. One person may not ever think of one way of doing things, while another can present it as an option: when dealing with a problem, the more insight you have the better. With this, you can sharpen your performance in all aspects.

Social Development

When you’re surrounded by a diverse group of people from with varying backgrounds, traditions, cultures, and practices- you’re more likely to have a broader worldview. You can better understand how a larger group of people communicate and interact while seeing how others might perceive situations. This helps your social development, and ultimately, your leadership skills. If you hope to travel or make a positive impact on a large group, it’s important to understand the wonderful differences in populations.

Reducing Discrimination

Promoting diversity not only pushes toward more “tolerance”, but even acceptance. While someone may be very different than you, you may find that you have a lot of commonalities – and if you don’t, that is okay also and you can still appreciate one another. Diminishing prejudices or preconceived opinions by familiarizing yourself with differences makes a huge impact in tamping down discrimination.


When an artist sketches a subject, it’s best for them to see it from a number of angles. The same goes for decision-making. Learning about another’s viewpoint or experience can help you walk in another person’s shoes – and give you new perspective on things. When you compare your struggles, triumphs, values, or needs with another individual’s, you might be able to understand their actions or choices. Opening up conversation with different people can help broaden your mindset, help you empathize, and appreciate other people’s difficulties.


At the end of the day, would you really want to be surrounded by people exactly like you? To continue to grow, to learn, to progress, and to strengthen – we need exposure to new ideas, opinions, and views. Think of it this way. You’re presented with two meal options: one is a loaf of plain, sliced bread. The other is a buffet of decadent sweets, rich curries, abundant salads and heaping piles of fruit, glistening desserts, bright plates of sushi, bowls of saucy noodles, delicious cheeses, and fragrant breads. Which sounds more appealing? What would be most satisfying? Even if you don’t have a taste for everything in the buffet, it has so much more to offer and it’s better overall. That’s the same with diversity; you don’t have to agree with every idea that is different than yours, just like you don’t have to eat everything at a buffet. But when you have the choice to explore and engage with more, why wouldn’t you?

Work with a staffing company that not only provides the jobs you're looking for, whether general labor jobs or a specific role in the skilled trades, but also cares about the diversity of the organization and connecting with a wide range of individuals.

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