Looking for hot summer jobs? Here are 4 in high-demand gigs

May 30, 2019 Anna Mischke

There are plenty of reasons people ramp up on the job search in the warmer months. Some take the opportunity of a break from classes to earn money in their off-hours. Others choose to spend the warmest months enjoying working outside, soaking up nature while getting the job done. Many workers pick up shifts to cushion their wallets for much-needed summer vacations. Regardless of the reason, job seekers are out full-force and, like them, you’ll have a variety of options to choose from.

What are some of the popular positions from last summer? We tallied some of the most in-demand jobs for the summer months – check them out here:


From sorting to packing and shipping, warehouses are in high demand for workers with so many online shoppers. Think of all the pool floats, electric fans, and BBQ grills making their way from warehouses to customers across the nation: each one of these needs to be handled from warehouse to the final destination so everyone can keep up with their summer activities! Our associates say they enjoy warehouse work because of the fast pace and that it keeps them moving on their feet. Who needs the gym when you’ve been up and at ‘em all day already?

Entry Level Installation

HVAC systems, cable, home improvement, and water meters are only some of the items that need installing – no matter the time of year. Getting your hands, literally, on different parts of these industries is a great way to help determine what type of work you enjoy the most, where your particular skills shine, and what aspects are most interesting to you about work. Is it the technical side of computer installation or the instant gratification of beautifully completed hardwood floors that intrigues you? There are numerous positions available that allow the chance to really understand what type of job makes sense for you.


Just the like the weather, the real estate market heats up during the summer. More people are buying and selling their homes in the warmer seasons: houses look lovelier surrounded in blossoming flowers and the sunshine, there’s less chance of rain holding up a moving day, and the kids are home from school. This is when the demand for movers is at its peak–so if you’re interested in a job where you’re always on the go, have a constant change in scenery, and get to work with all kinds of people, moving could be a great match.


Events ramp up as more people have time off school and work – which makes it an ideal time to step into the world of event work. From ball games and fairs to concerts and rodeos, there are many positions available for all types of workers. If a highly social role strikes your fancy, you could be great in the concessions or bar areas. Prefer working in the off-hours? The setup and cleanup crews help ensure each event space is clean and inviting – and you’re able to steer clear of most of the crowds. No matter what type of work personality you have, there’s likely a role that will fit in events.

Ready to find the summer job you’ve been looking for?

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