Looking for an exciting job? Events could be for you.

The roar of fans across the stadium, the screech of the whistle, and the hustle and bustle of the crowd around you: That’s the thrill of a big game day. Can you imagine being a part of those events? It’s possible!

There’s nothing quite as exciting as working an event. The moment you walk through the gates, you’re part of the experience. Vivian Kicklighter, a PeopleReady Hospitality Recruiter, says “You feed off the crowd as they come to your stand and you interact with them.”

Why Choose Events
While some people prefer seasonal, short-term work in an office or smaller, quieter spaces, event work serves as a fantastic opportunity for action seekers with energy to burn. If you’d rather spend the day on your feet engaging with all types of people than not sitting at a desk, this line of work is for you. Not only do you get to see these thrilling moments for fans, you get to be a part of their experience while constantly changing things up and surrounded by an energetic crowd.

If working in events sounds like it’s up your alley, it could be worth exploring and even kick-starting a career. With the wide range of jobs available and flexibility of various positions, you can learn the skills needed to move into a number of roles like pre-event set up, post-event clean up, concession sales, administration, and even event coordination! There are great opportunities at major sporting events, but the job options don’t end there. You might find a great fit at a local music venue, theater, or even conventions ranging from pinball to comics to crafts!

Take the time to explore the different opportunities in events and think of how you might best use your specific skills. Speak with your recruiter about different positions available, finding work that fits your needs, your long-term goals, and how you can begin moving toward them. With thousands of jobs available through PeopleReady, easily accessible through our mobile app JobStack, we can imagine you among the cheering fans on the next big game day. 

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