How flexible work can work for you this Spring Break

February 8, 2019 Anna Mischke

Spring is coming and, fortunately for students, along with it comes Spring Break. That means a lot of leisurely students and families are going to be heading to the beach, resorts, hotels, and restaurants--also known as some of the hospitality's biggest employers. 

Whether you’re getting ready for a few weeks out of the classroom, preparing to have your own Spring Break-ing kids at home during their usual school hours, or even just aching to try something new in your career, now is the season to explore your job options in hospitality. 

Spring Break is the perfect time to test the waters with a flexible or temporary gig. Dig deeper into common scenarios we encounter when connecting people with the work they want:

“My schedule is free!”

If your schedule is usually booked up with classes and homework, suddenly having several days away from the classroom feels like a long time. After a couple days of doing nothing at  home, you're bound to feel bored. Rather than watch the same daytime reruns and ultimately getting cabin fever, you can learn new skills and begin networking through different gigs available during your time off. Check out some hospitality hotspots, such as local eateries and hotels, for opportunities. Not only do you get to stay active and engaged during your break, you’re making money while getting more on-the-job hours under your belt. Instead of coming back from Spring Break disappointed with empty days, return to class with stories of the people you met, abilities you improved, and more money in your pocket!

“My schedule is crazy!”

The kids might be excited to be free for a week, but if you're a parent without school and childcare, you’ll have to adjust your schedule. This could mean giving away a shift (or more) to take care of your family and, although extra time with your kids is great, losing money from a shift isn't. After all, the bills don’t stop just because the classes do! Take advantage of the influx of hospitality jobs during Spring Break as well as the convenience of JobStack, PeopleReady’s mobile app. WIth JobStack, you can find hospitality work (and more) wherever you are, whenever you need it and with the companies who need skills like yours. Even better? Many jobs through PeopleReady even pay the same day or next day…which can certainly add a spring in your step.

“I don’t have money for a spring break!”

Your coworkers and peers might already be talking about their plans for Spring Break: early camping with cozy fires and s’mores, roadtrips full of songs, sightseeing galore, sunny beaches, or just sleeping in, watching favorite movies, and enjoying a relaxing staycation? It doesn’t feel great to hear about all of these plans when you don’t have the funds to cover a vacation. Rather than give up on an opportunity for downtime or forgetting about a trip, you can find work now! When you start a flexible job that fits your schedule now, you’ll be able to add a chunk of change to put towards whatever springtime goal you have. You can enjoy flexible work while the hospitality gigs are on the rise and spend your well-earned money on a vacation soon after. Plus, if you start looking now when the weather isn’t great, you can rack up even more hours.

No matter what your reasons are for wanting gig work, there are a multitude of choices in hospitality and other industries for you. Let PeopleReady set you up for Spring Break success: Find jobs now!

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