Hospitality: An Opportunity to Entertain, Welcome, and Help

July 13, 2018 Jennifer Olsen

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Beginning or expanding a career in hospitality offers a multitude of options for professional growth.

Are you someone interested in exciting, active work days while meeting new people constantly? Or perhaps you find preparing the perfect meal for a guest appealing? Or maybe your idea of a perfect work day is creating a welcoming space and environment for the people around you.

Then a career in hospitality may be the perfect choice for you. With the many reasons to choose a role in hospitality, you have the opportunity to explore what fits you the best.

What are some of the highlights?

New Experiences– You get to meet new people during every shift! You can put your problem solving skills to use while making a difference in a guest’s experience and know that every day will be an opportunity to learn and grow.

Pride – Attention to detail shows in the hospitality field and when you focus on the small things, it makes a big difference. You’re able to show the pride of ownership you take in your work, creating a positive environment for guests.

Teamwork – Creating an overall amazing experience for customers and guests includes all aspects, from the room itself to scheduled meetings to events. It takes a team working together to provide a memorable stay and you have the chance to contribute to a long-term feeling that guests take home with them.

Consistent Work – The revolving door you commonly see at hotels illustrates the people who need your attention. The steady flow of traffic ensures consistent and regular work shifts for housekeepers, event staff, front counter associates, cooks, and all of the other key players in the hospitality industry.

Versatile – When you’re part of a hospitality-focused team, the day never ends – giving you the opportunity to choose the shifts that work for you and your lifestyle.  

There are as many reasons to choose a career in hospitality as there are rooms in a hotel! See how you can begin your career path in the industry with PeopleReady.

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Jennifer Olsen is a Marketing Operations Specialist for TrueBlue and has been with the company since 2015. Her experience is in budgeting, operations, and print listings. Jennifer has 12 years’ experience in the news industry and is a certified EMT. In her spare time Jennifer enjoys time with her three children and two adorable grandchildren, along with quilting and other crafting fun. You will often find her sewing while watching football… and always rooting for the Seahawks!

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