3 Ways Tech is Changing Temporary Work

October 4, 2018 Anna Mischke
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We continue to see new technology step onto the scene of our everyday lives: facial recognition security, virtual reality, self-driving cars, drones delivering groceries. All aspects of life have been impacted, from our shopping habits to the way we connect with one another to how we find jobs.

Technology has made the search for qualified workers much more competitive for businesses. There are three big movements that have given gig and temporary workers an extra edge in the marketplace:

More Options at the Touch of a Screen

A variety of apps like Uber, JobStack, and DoorDash allow people to quickly get the work they want. Whether with companies who need assistance on a larger scale or a one-time job delivering a food order, a whole new marketplace of work is easily accessible. Not only can job seekers find jobs immediately, they can filter and choose shifts and gigs that suit their skills, schedules, and financial needs.

More Data Means More Answers

With the masses of workers using apps and technology to find work comes the personal data they share to get those jobs. Think about it: when you download a new app and sign up, you share some basic information. The more you use the app, the more you share. Whether it be your preferences, the time of day or week you use the app most, or the things you do with the program – all of that information is being collected and saved. With that information, companies can determine what types of things workers lean toward and the most competitive adapt their hiring strategies and offerings to speak to those wants.

More Users, New Approaches

It is predicted that by 2020, half of the U.S. adult workforce will be an independent contractor or have worked in the gig economy. As we steadily shift away from primarily 9 to 5 work, more organizations begin to structure operations to include higher numbers of temporary workers and independent contractors.

The world of employment is one that is constantly shifting. If we take a cue from the big changes we see in technology every single day, we’re expecting to see a whole new future of work.

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