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October 10, 2018 Denise Storaasli
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When it comes to work these days, it’s nice to have choices. You can choose the shifts that work for your schedule and locations you prefer. With the evolution of technology and creation of apps that connect workers with jobs, you can easily find work that allows you the flexibility you need exactly when you want it.

Your choice, your time, your life! The gig economy is growing fast, growing 26 percent from last year with nearly 7 million people participating.

How do you become part of the gig economy?

The easiest way to connect with gig work is to explore the apps that connect workers, like you, with opportunities. These apps include a wide range of job types, from carrying and delivering food and earning up to $25/hour; house cleaning and handiwork positions for $22 to $45 an hour; and part-time and freelance jobs in offices, warehouses, and everywhere in between. PeopleReady’s app, JobStack, connects workers with blue collar opportunities throughout the United States, with hourly rates ranging from minimum wage to as high as $19.00 hourly. These flexible part-time and full-time opportunities cover a range of industries including manufacturing/logistics, hospitality, warehousing/distribution, transportation, waste/recycling and general labor.

Log in to JobStack and explore all the opportunities available to you as a PeopleReady employee. Getting started in a career that fits your needs and lifestyle has never been easier!

Curious about how to launch into gig work?


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