The Season’s In-Demand Winter Jobs

For many areas of the country, the winter months bring snow, sleet, frost, and ice – which can create complications day-to-day. When inclement weather strikes, there are plenty of jobs available for those on the hunt. These roles can help cities and towns continue running, keep residents safe, and prevent damage from the harsh conditions.

Here are some of the jobs where you can put your skills to work and help your neighbors get through the winter season:

Snow Removal Operators and De-Icers

Snow removers are crucial for clearing public roadways and areas after snow. Whether shoveling or operating a snowplow or tractor with a plow, these duties involve working late in the night and early in the morning to clear away snow before rush-hour traffic. Snow removers remove ice, snow, and precipitation build-up from anywhere, including airfields, highways, and railroad tracks so businesses can continue to operate smoothly and safely. Snow removers also help spread salt, melting solution and sand onto various areas to prevent buildup and freezing. Snow removal jobs can range from snow shovelers to tractor operators, so there are options for all levels of skill sets.

Debris Removers

With heavy snow and precipitation comes fallen branches, debris, and even power linesso businesses need all hands on deck to help safely and effectively remove these items when the seasonal storms arrive. Debris removal specialists may use various equipment and tools like chainsaws, chippers, shredders, hand saws, cherry pickers, and climbing equipment. Once the debris is removed, it needs to be disposed of properlywhich means grinding down limbs and stumps, chipping wood, and transporting the debris for disposal.

Transportation Operators

Weather changes might stop some in their tracks, but many industries will keep on running. Transportation is one of those, and businesses are looking for help to ensure operations keep moving, through the snow and storms. Whether delivering packages, hauling materials or preparing vehicles to safely get on the road, there are plenty of options in the transportation industry, during the winter months and beyond.

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