The Lowdown on Staffing: Debunking 5 Agency Myths

January 16, 2019 Anna Mischke

Whether you’ve found work through a staffing agency in the past or you’re just dipping your toe into the research process, it can be difficult to navigate around all of the different sites, opinions, pages, and social channels to know the real deal about what to expect.

Why exactly would someone work with a staffing agency? Are there any big things they should know about them beforehand? We’ve gathered some of the top misconceptions we’ve heard and read – and here to shed some light on how a staffing agency can work for you.

It’ll cost me money to work with a staffing agency.

You should never have to pay a staffing company. So how do they stay in business? Companies hire staffing agencies to help them find the right workers they need for the job. The company will pay the staffing company a certain amount that covers the employee pay rate, legal labor costs, taxes, general and administrative expenses, and then any remaining amount is income to the agency. There is no cost to you – the worker or job seeker – when you apply to, work with, or are hired by a staffing agency. Why would a company pay a staffing agency in the first place? Because they trust that the agency has the expertise and access to workers that they might not have.

Staffing agencies never lead to permanent positions.

A staffing agency can offer many types of roles and job types, from temporary and flexible in a variety of industries to potential full-time stay-on roles with a company. Make sure to speak with the recruiter or branch representative helping you and let them know if you have goals to move into a permanent role. As more and more workers are looking for a mix of temporary and gig work, you’ll want to be clear about your particular goals. Remember: the effort you put into your temporary position sometimes leads to a permanent role, whether it’s offered at the beginning of the contract or not.

Staffing agencies don’t care about my career growth.

Just as important as your career growth is your personal satisfaction within your job. While some agencies may not value work/life balance or care about your career growth, you can determine whether the agency you’re thinking of working with does or not by gauging how they listen to your goals. You should also see whether the agency measures worker satisfaction. Ask if they measure and how they measure – then most importantly, what they do with this feedback. You want to work with an agency who provides the best solutions in finding work you want, like PeopleReady’s JobStack, where 80 percent of surveyed associates agree that the app makes it easier to find work.  

You can’t get benefits through a staffing agency.

While benefits are dependent on each company’s policy, some do offer benefits like overtime, direct deposit, and holiday pay for temporary workers. Make sure to ask specifically about these benefits for a specific role and company if you are curious of what you might access. If hired on as a full-time or permanent position, these benefits may change as well.

Staffing agencies don’t have the jobs I want.

Many agencies, like PeopleReady, work in multiple industries from hospitality to the Skilled Trades to warehousing and logistics. More and more companies are utilizing the services of staffing agencies as they gain popularity, opening up jobs you may not even have considered! Whether working the stands at a big league ball game, serving at an exciting convention, developing your skills on a job site, or interacting with hotel guests – many job seekers are surprised at the different opportunities they’re given when working with an agency.

When you’re thinking of what you’d like to do next, consider the options a staffing agency can provide you with. Whether easily finding work from the convenience of your mobile phone or helping you figure what type of job you like the most, the reasons to explore are endless.

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