Are you ready to spring into a new job? You should be!

The weather isn’t the only thing getting warmer with spring: Seasonal hiring is heating up too. Throughout March, April, and May, companies are actively looking to fill positions before summer vacations ramp up and hiring slows down. If you’ve been feeling less than excited about your current job or thinking about how you’d like to try your hand at something new, now could be an ideal time for you to test the work waters and find a new role to enjoy.

What are some reasons springtime is such a great time to begin the job search? We have four important ones here:

Companies feel the pressure

The start of the year is a heavy hiring time for most companies, and if they haven’t filled their positions by spring, they’re anxious to get the right people into those roles. Hiring becomes more difficult in the summer when people are taking time off, managing schedules around school, and trying to make the most of the sunny months. It’s important they move along the hiring process and bring strong workers on board before they’re short-staffed during a busy season.

Less competition

Come January, tons of people are attending to New Year’s resolutions and launching into new job searches. More people searching means more competition, and while you’ve got the chops to do the job well, it can be difficult going up against so many other candidates. Reports show January has the highest competition rates for job seekers, so enjoy the breathing room that spring brings.

Your choice of opportunities

Around this time of year, many businesses that slowed down for the winter months are ready to pick back up, which means a lot more open positions for you to try. If you’ve been wondering about how you might like a certain job or industry, now could be a great opportunity to see how you fit. Do you think it could be exciting to work behind the scenes for teams hitting home runs or have an interest in putting your gardening skills to use? Explore jobs in events and venues or lawn care and landscaping– you’ve got options.

You have the tools

Trying a number of different jobs may have been daunting a few years ago, but with the help of technology you’re now able to access a wide variety of positions that you couldn’t before. It’s simple to try an assortment of jobs using easy-to-use mobile apps, like JobStack. The app helps pair you with gigs that match your skillset and using the power of AI, will begin to show you more of the types of jobs you like!  

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