7 In-Demand Spring Jobs for You!

Heading into spring you notice the obvious changes: warmer weather, longer days, and the promise of coming summer days. From budding plants to a wash of spring cleaning, we’re out of the holiday season’s busyness (and gift-buying expenses). What you might not notice are the endless opportunities in a variety of jobs that are particularly popular in the springtime. Use the changing season to hit the reset button and think about your career goals for the coming year.

If you’re ready to step into a fresh job but don’t know where to start or what you might be interested in, a staffing company can help open opportunities to try your hand in booming industries. Interested in some of the top positions we filled last year? Keep reading:


When the temperature rises, the school semester ends (aka roommates are tired of living together), and everyone is overly excited for spring cleaning and new beginnings, people decide it’s time to move! Moving is not an easy task—especially in warm months—and that’s why there’s a rising need for hard-working individuals who aren’t afraid of busy, physically demanding work. We saw a significant amount of movers join our crew last spring. You know that movers are tasked with the important job of moving belongings from one place, home, office, or businesses to the next, but you might not realize what else they bring: good packing and moving techniques, proper tools, and a strong respect and understanding for safety. Be part of customers’ exciting transitions while you get to stay on your feet and see new environments.

Cleanup Crew + Debris Removal

Keeping our planet clean is important year round, and getting spaces into top shape is a huge focus for businesses about to welcome spring and summer crowds. Whether you’re working in green spaces, formerly vacant properties, sports games and special events, or preparing for new construction, cleanup and removal services require a lot of strong hands. From hauling to landfill to recycling, the demand for cleanup crews and help removing debris is high.


Flaggers are the workers who hold a flag for traffic or construction sites: these personnel are vital for building a safe environment for construction/repair projects and notifying drivers of the need for reduced speed or restricted lane flow, such as those involving roadways or parking lots. With construction jobs picking up and a rush of events, there are a variety of flexible opportunities to play a key role in crafting and maintaining safe sites.


A commercial kitchen is a high-energy workplace where strong work ethic, creativity, and an ability to multitask and follow instructions meet. The food industry is never slow, and the need for dependable workers isn’t seasonal. Dishwashers work in collaboration with other kitchen staff to offer guests a seamless, delicious dining experience. They clean dishes, food preparation equipment, and utensils, in addition to other responsibilities. Because dishwashers often interact with other workers, servers, and management, strong communication is a valued trait.

Office & Clerical

You might not immediately think of office and clerical positions when you hear “fast-paced environment,” but ask anyone who’s had to provide excellent customer service via phone, email, and face-to-face conversations in an office and they’ll have plenty to say. The duties range greatly from office to office, from taking and triaging phone calls to sorting, scanning, and faxing documents to composing emails, spreadsheets, and communications. There are plenty of opportunities for detail-oriented multi taskers with a penchant for people. For many businesses, springtime is a peak busy season, so be an important part of an office team and keep things organized and running smoothly.


Springtime calls for cleaning – and not everyone has the time in the day to get to it. Or, they may not be very good at attacking a mess or unable to perform what needs to be done. So when there are mirrors to be cleaned, floors to be mopped, and dust bunnies to be banished- housekeepers are a necessity. Housekeepers perform light cleaning duties to maintain private households or commercial buildings. These jobs are detail-oriented, so as a housekeeper, you are encouraged to be a perfectionist. When you’re a self-starter, housekeeping positions can also provide a great entry point for other Hospitality and Hotel Management positions.

Lawn Care + Landscapers

Do you have what’s described as a “green thumb?” Do you take pride in a beautifully landscaped yard and appreciate evenly trimmed hedges? Starting around this time of year, we connect thousands of workers to jobs where they can take their gardening and landscape skills for plants to another level. Landscaping can include anything from simply pulling weeds to drawing up complex plans and using a wide array of horticultural knowledge. In this role, you might primarily work to improve upon an existing garden layout or work in one of the more specialized areas of landscaping. With the opportunity to see the growth of your work, you might even find a specialty career in landscaping as an aquascaper, sprinkler and drainage system installer, or working on large-scale projects with farms and orchards!

These are just 7 of the top jobs in demand during spring, but the list of positions goes on: from caterers, drivers, electrical apprentices and roofers to surveyors, baristas, metalworkers, merchandisers, and plumbers.

Ready to see where you work your best? Let PeopleReady help uncover the skills that will make you the best in your work. 

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