5 Reasons to Ditch the 9-to-5

Most of us have been there before: after hours of applying for jobs, calling for interviews, and speaking with recruiters, you still can’t land a job. It’s frustrating, but you might not be looking at all of your available options. In fact, there could be an opportunity for growth that you hadn’t even considered.

The gig economy is a great place not only for job seekers hoping to find immediate work, but also for those who appreciate owning their schedules and managing their own time. Here are the reasons you might want to put the full-time job search on hold and explore the paths of gig and temporary work.

You have choices

There’s an exceptionally broad variety of types of jobs in gig work - so you can find exactly what you enjoy doing and are good at. Because of the different apps and websites that you can find work on, you also have access to all different types from wherever you are and whenever you want.

Pick your customers

When working with a staffing agency that serves up jobs to you, you can decide which organizations you want to work with. Because agencies and gig economy companies have already established relationships and contracts with businesses, you just need to choose the gig, show up, and provide your services.

Jump right in

While onboarding for a full-time job can take weeks, sometimes even months, and requires a lot of back-and-forth, getting on board with a staffing agency or temporary work situation typically moves more quickly. You will typically need to pass a background check and go through a brief training or onboarding process, but you’re able to get working a lot faster—and that means a quicker payday.

You’re in the driver’s seat

With gig work, you’re able to manage your own schedule. Flexibility and work-life balance is becoming increasingly important for today’s workers and companies are noticing that gig work is becoming more attractive because of this. If you’re a night owl and find you work best in the evenings, you can choose shifts that align with those needs. If you’re navigating around your family’s busy schedule, you can decide when working works for you.

Add to your skillset

You might decide to stay within one realm of work or work in a variety of industries throughout your career. Either way, gig and temp work is a great way to continue learning new capabilities and skills. What might seem like a skill that you’d only use in one area of work could turn out to be useful in a number of different work scenarios; the more you know the better! When you’re consistently adding to your skillset, the more qualified you’ll be for jobs you could be interested in.

Curious about how you can take your next exciting steps into gig work? Connect with your local PeopleReady branch representative today to get started!

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