4 tips to find the jobs you want

With apps like JobStack, finding work wherever you are, whenever you want can be a breeze. So how can you make sure you’re making the most of this tool and seeing all of the different jobs you’re interested in?

Follow these four simple tips!

1 – Keep your profile updated.

You have the ability to update your skills, licenses, and certifications in the app. The more skills you offer, the more positions you’ll be served up. Want to put some newly acquired skills to use? Make sure potential employers know about them!

2 – Arrive on time.

Showing up on time to one job can open the door to move jobs. Timeliness is an important factor to employers, so get to the job site at the time you agreed to, check in on your JobStack app, and perform your best. When you have a great experience with an employer, they’ll give you a higher rating – and a higher rating means more access to in-demand jobs.

3 – Update your app.

There are regular updates to the JobStack app to help improve your experience. Make sure you have the newest version on your smartphone so you get the best use possible.

4- Search often.

With over 600 branches across the nation, PeopleReady has thousands of jobs available at any time of day. Thousands of other associates are browsing and selecting those jobs. While you might not see a role that interests you one minute, another job could be posted the next – so be sure to keep looking to see when new opportunities come up.

Curious about how JobStack can help you find the work you’re looking for? Learn from Reggie Davis:

“JobStack matches me perfectly with jobs that are closer to me and show us important information about the job that we are going to. In the morning before work, JobStack will send me an alert to inform me that my job is about to begin and it has a notification letting the staff know I’ve arrived. I don’t have to do anything but accept the job offer and go to work.

Get started with JobStack today!

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