The Tips You Need for Working During a Natural Disaster

Natural disasters are distressing for plenty of reasons, but one reason that may not come to mind immediately is how to find work once the storm has passed. Find out how to find the jobs you need when getting life back into order, starting with these five tips:

Lean on your local resources
We know it’s helpful to work with recruiters who know the feeling of what you’re going through right now. Having a local branch wherever you are in the nation can make a big difference since they understand your situation. PeopleReady has over 600 branch locations across the U.S., meaning there is always someone in your neck of the woods going through the same process as you are. That in itself can make your job search much more comfortable, which is a welcome quality in challenge times.

Work with a nationwide resource
While you have local support and attention, it’s also valuable to know that even if operations aren’t running as usual in your affected area, you have access to help from a nationwide staffing agency. You have the peace of mind knowing you’ll always be covered when you work with a company that has the ability to keep working with you in the midst of a natural disaster,.

Tap into your mobile phone
Thanks to technology and innovations in staffing, you can find jobs easily through your mobile phone. No need to venture out if the environment isn’t safe yet or wait for hours in line trying to find a job that suits your needs and fits your skillset. JobStack, PeopleReady’s mobile job search app, helps connect associates to jobs in their area that match their skills and schedules. Even better, you can access details and information about the job in the app so you know the requirements, anything you need for the job site, pay and pay arrangements, and who you’ll be working for.

Focus on your skills
For those already using JobStack, you know the benefits of being able to get a gig whenever and wherever you want. Make sure to go into the app and update your skills so that jobs that require your expanding list of skills will become available to you–leading to even more opportunities and possibly your ideal job.

Stay informed
Just as important as keeping your branch rep in the loop is staying informed of the happenings around you. If the weather or conditions are still changing, be sure to monitor the safety status and check for any changes at your job site. The more you know about what is happening in your area, the more likely you’ll be to be proactive when it comes to your safety, your work, and your livelihood.

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