Are Your Finances Ready for the Holiday Season?

It’s no newsflash: Life is busy and it only gets busier during the holidays. The kids are on school break, holiday parties and events start adding up, and the days are getting shorter. The calendar gets filled quickly and suddenly there’s less time to spend looking for the jobs you want that work for your schedule and fit your skillset. However, with a little bit of planning and initial legwork, you can be sure to set yourself up for a season of success.

Get started on your search now, prepare your schedule, and have a clear idea of your goals. You can be sure you’re getting the experience you want so you can enjoy the season to its fullest!

Read our tips on how you can prepare your holiday finances now:

Look at Your Numbers

When you have a clear view into your budget for the coming months, it’s easier to plan. Consider the coming months and various expenses that arise with more social events, holiday spending, and potential inclement weather. Those snow chains aren’t going to pay for themselves! Consider special gifts you’d like to save for or events you want to attend and budget on top of your regular costs. Then, determine how many hours you’ll need to work to meet those financial goals. You can also bear in mind where you might want to cut back on spending in other areas.

Saving Smart

Saving money is difficult; 65% of Americans save little to no money throughout the year. Still, if possible, it’s crucial to have a savings plan during the holidays and throughout the year in general. Focus on a small, obtainable goal at first. This can help you get into the savings mindset, get those behaviors started, and adjust your plan along the way. You might find that it makes such a difference when the New Year rolls around that it could become habit year-round!

Find Your Shifts

You can quickly add to your regular income quickly by taking extra hours and shifts during the holiday season, when retail, hospitality, and many other industries are busier than ever. You can quickly find work with mobile apps like JobStack which allow you instant access to available jobs. You can also take specific shifts, connect with your branch rep, and learn about everything you need to know – all within the comfort and ease of the mobile app! Even an extra one or two shifts every several days can make a big difference to your checking account and make your holiday finances smoother.

Get started with your local branch rep today to discuss current and upcoming job availabilities for you this season and how you can use JobStack to get where you want to be financially.

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