5 Tips to Get the Holiday Jobs You Want

Last year, experts estimated that retailers would hire 650,000 seasonal workers – up more than 10% from 2017. The search for holiday help has been at ultimate highs these past few years – and things aren’t looking much different this year.

If you’re looking for seasonal work, the odds are in your favor. The demand for workers is high and you’ll have a variety of jobs to pick from, from hospitality to retail to warehousing. This time can also be an excellent opportunity to explore a number of different positions and roles that offer the flexibility of temporary work or get your foot in the door at a company you’d like to eventually be full-time.

When companies are looking for strong talent just like you and seemingly everyone is looking for holiday shifts, it’s important to stand out among the rest of candidates. To get the roles you want, what are some ways to ensure you’re putting your best foot forward? 

1. Get online

The internet is the best place to start looking for the jobs available to you. Staffing sites and job boards are constantly updated so even if you don’t see what you’re looking for immediately, keep your eyes out because postings are frequently added. Another great option can be using a mobile app to find jobs so you can see what’s available wherever you are and whenever you want. Apps like JobStack not only give you a look into new jobs available, but also offer capabilities like selecting specific shifts, contacting the branch, and logging your hours!

2. Start Early

Sooner is better when it comes to applying for seasonal jobs. Holiday hiring can begin months ahead of when the season actually begins, so now that it’s already close to being in full swing, get started now! Also keep in mind training and hiring can take some time – and as the days get shorter, time flies.

3. Be Prepared

Have your resume, references, skills, and any necessary work documentation ready. Not only will it help speed up and simplify the application process, it looks great to recruiters and possible employers when you show up prepared and organized.

4. Share Availability

When you communicate your availability with your recruiter, you’re setting yourself up for success. If you can work night shifts, weekends, or overtime, you might have the upper hand in getting a role that needs flexibility. If you’re unavailable for certain blocks of time, communicate this as well. The more your recruiter knows about your availability, the better equipped they are to find you jobs that match your needs.

5. Show Your Strengths

No matter the role, it’s an opportunity to demonstrate your skills. Whether you have exceptional customer service, fantastic organizational skills, or a knack for creativity – you can utilize your abilities in ways that support your role and impress your employer. The opportunities are endless when you show up with a great attitude, on time, and ready to work


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