3 Ways You Can Prep for the Holidays

Each year, the holiday season seems to sneak up more quickly than ever. Before you can even put away all the summer toys and weatherproof the grill, Halloween candy hits the shelves—and before long aisles are filled with elaborate table spreads, ornaments, and wreaths! Then come the holiday parties, White Elephant gift exchanges, holiday schedules for the kids, and presents to buy! How can you ensure that instead of scrambling last minute, you’re prepared mentally, financially, and time-wise for the holidays?


The further ahead you can look at your calendar, the more you can plan for. A well scheduled holiday season can make the difference between a stressful, last-minute frenzy and an agenda that meets your needs, shifts that work for you, and a peaceful mind when it comes to money, timing, and social events. Mark down any major dates or events that are coming up and ask yourself questions that will help you think about what you should prepare for. Will you be traveling at all? Do you need to think about childcare? Have you thought of school vacation schedules and bank holidays? When you’ve got these key dates in mind, you’re able to plan accordingly!

Review Your Expenses

Once you’ve taken a look at what your days look like through the holiday season, you can review your budget and any seasonal expenses that will likely crop up. Are there any big expenses you expect? If possible, budget for increased transportation costs due to extra shifts you might be taking or social gatherings you’ll be attending. Whether buying an extra special gift, putting away funds into savings, paying off a debt, or treating yourself to a nice meal to celebrate – it’s handy to take advantage of the many extra hours available during the peak holiday season to squirrel away extra cash. Use this time before the thick of the season to put together a reasonable budget. While most of us don’t like dealing with the number crunching and sorting through accounts, it does makes a big difference to get your financial situation figured out so you’re not stressed when heavier spending times arise.


Now that you’ve done the groundwork in understanding your scheduling and financial needs, it’s time to find jobs that will allow you to enjoy your holidays to the fullest.  You can begin by speaking with the people in your life who need to be looped into your work plans. Whether with your spouse or babysitter, confirming timing with them will ensure your ideas go according to plan. Then, connect with your branch representative, recruiter, or supervisor about what you’d like to achieve during the holiday season workwise. If they’re tuned in to what you’re looking for, the skills you have to offer, and your availability as jobs become available, you’ll be top of mind as a go-to candidate. When hiring gets extremely busy, managers need their seasonal and temporary hires ready to hit the ground running, so the best way to stand out is to show your professionalism and eagerness to work from the start.

The holidays are a fantastic time to jump into new roles, explore different industries, and add to your skillset in a variety of jobs. Whether you’re working closely with a PeopleReady branch rep to find great jobs or using the JobStack app to connect with shifts straight from your mobile phone, now is the time to start thinking about the season’s plans and how you can make it the best season of all.

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