5 Priorities for Recruiting Leaders

Shortages of skilled workers and higher wage demands have made it important now more than ever to focus on how to recruit and retain great candidates.

Shortages of skilled workers and higher wage demands have made it important now more than ever to focus on how to recruit and retain great candidates. Here are five top priorities that recruiting leaders are focusing on:

1. Building candidate pipelines

This begins by identifying and cultivating the top talent within your company. With the shrinkage of qualified workers, it’s important to find employees who possess soft skills that you can train and develop. Mentorship programs are another way to encourage employees who are passionate about developing their skills to grow with your company. Another simple but often missed opportunity is using your top talent to help identify potential new hires, by offering referral programs.

2. Branding your company

Identify the most meaningful characteristics of your company that show potential employees you’re the employer of choice. Branding is crucial; telling the story behind what your company does and what you have to offer gives them something to identify with and get excited about.

3. Onboarding engagement

Make your onboarding processes more conducive with today’s generations.  Provide online applications, email or text message correspondence, and interviews via social platforms such as Skype and other F2F social methods. Engagement is critical, make sure to communicate with candidates throughout the entire application and hiring process. Engagement can be the difference between gaining or losing the perfect candidate.

4. Understanding your workforce

Today’s workforce is made up of 3 generations: Baby Boomers, Millennials and Generation Z.  As baby boomers retire from the workforce, management roles are slowly being filled by Millennials. In addition, 2016 was the year Generation Z entered the workforce. These three generations seek different benefits from employers, make sure to keep in mind what your workforce is looking for in an employer.

5. Changing world of work

The way companies do business has drastically changed since the Baby Boomer generation entered the workforce decades ago. The current workforce demands more sophisticated technology, higher wages, flexibility, and growth opportunity. Approximately 75% of today’s full-time employees are seeking other employment opportunities. In order to remain competitive when recruiting, it’s imperative to watch trends and adjust business practices accordingly.

At PeopleReady we understand the importance of remaining informed of market trends and adjusting our business practices to remain competitive. We understand our customers rely on us to find the workforce they need to efficiently run their business.

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