4 Staffing Questions to Ask When Growing Your Business

Look at your staffing plans with fresh eyes. Make sure your business is set up for success throughout the rest of the year.

staffing questions

Maybe it’s because we’ve all been housebound by several polar vertices for the last several months or maybe it’s because we forgot our New Year’s resolutions by January 2—for whatever reason, spring seems to have everyone craving a fresh start.

Marie Kondo can guide you through cleaning out your closets and decluttering your home. But we will help you look at your staffing plans with fresh eyes so you can use the spring equinox to make sure your business is on track and you’re set up for success throughout the rest of the year.

Here are four staffing questions that PeopleReady recommends you yourself right now:  

1. “What business goals do I have today?”

Q1 is ending, so now is the best time to do a pulse check on the plans you set at the start of the year. Are you on target to achieve your goals? Did circumstances change and now your plans need to shift as well? Did your goals stay the same but you weren’t able to take the actions you needed to get there? Maybe you’re growing more quickly than you anticipated and you weren’t thinking big enough a few months ago. 

While you look at the status of your goals, don’t get caught up in playing the blame game or get frustrated or overwhelmed just yet. Use this honest assessment to lay the groundwork for the next steps.

2. “Do I have the right team?”

Once you understand what you want the next season (or three) to look like, you can figure out if you’re staffed properly. Understanding whether your team is the right match requires a good look at both their skills and their capacity. You might have a roster of A-players but you need more. You could have a lot of great workers but you’re missing some expertise. You might have a stellar team for the goals you started the year with but they’re not the team you need moving forward. Or maybe it’s a combination. Whatever the situation, take the time to look at your goals and your team side by side before you move on to the next question.

3. “How do I build the team to achieve my goals?”

Once you know where you’re headed and who you need to get there, decide how you’ll get there. That’s where a staffing partner comes in. The right staffing partner won’t just look for a bunch of people to send your way—they’ll look for the right people. A truly great staffing partner wants to understand your business goals and help you build the right team, not just any team. In fact, when you start talking with a staffing partner, those conversations might help you think even more deeply about the first two questions above.

4. “What’s next?”

By now you’ve looked at the past and taken stock of the present. It’s time to commit to the future. Obviously your business has its own way of telling you how your plans are going—whether that’s in monthly metrics or business meetings with your boss. Think about what schedule you might set for yourself to check in on goals so you can stay ahead of any potential problems or capitalize on unexpected success. The best part of working with a staffing partner like PeopleReady is that adapting to ever-changing business needs doesn’t have to be an arduous process—whether you need to find a large team in a short period of time or a few specialized workers in the coming weeks.

You don’t need to wait until the next time we change the clocks to ask yourself these four staffing questions. What matters most is that you always feel informed about what’s going on in your business and where you’re headed and that you’re working with the best people to get you there.

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